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Select aws as the platform to target. If you do not have an AWS profile stored on your computer, enter the AWS access key ID and secret access key for the user that you configured to run the installation program. Select the AWS region to deploy the cluster to. Select the base domain for the Route53 service that you configured for your cluster.

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Nov 13, 2018 · In order to understand AWS VPC egress filtering methods, you first need to understand that security on AWS is governed by a shared responsibility model where both vendor and subscriber have various operational responsibilities. AWS assumes responsibility for the underlying infrastructure, hardware, virtualization layer, facilities, and staff ...

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AWS defines quotas, or limits, for resources, actions, and items in your AWS account. Depending on the number of queries in your dashboard and the number of users accessing the dashboard, you may reach the usage limits for various CloudWatch and CloudWatch Logs resources. Note that quotas are defined per account and per region.

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The AWS CLI is a unified tool to manage your AWS services from a terminal session on your own client. With just one tool to download and configure, you can control multiple AWS services from the command line and automate them through scripts.

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With our Azure CLI comand, we can get the VM name, admin user, and SSH key all at once using the command: az vm show -g demo -n text-vm --query '[name, osProfile.adminUsername, osProfile.linuxConfiguration.ssh.publicKeys[0].keyData]' -o json

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AWS Command Line Interface: Usually, the script provides you with the flexibility to manage multiple AWS resources AWS CLI version 2 is the latest version of it and supports all features of AWS. We can also install and use Execute the following query in a command prompt to check AWS version

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The blog makes a great point in describing how your device names need to work easily in a Command Line Interface (CLI). The only information that we have added to the standard in this blog is the addition of the manufacturer. Best practice for naming looks like this: ftbr-blewifi-ing-01 represents. Location: Fort Bragg, Type of device: ble wi ...

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Honeycode APIs Amazon Honeycode has 12 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to let you programmatically interact with Honeycode apps and tables. You can use these APIs so that Honeycode can work with external applications and services to read, write, update, or delete data stored in Honeycode workbooks. App screen APIs GetScreenData InvokeScreenAutomation Table metadata APIs ListTables ...

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Nov 13, 2018 · In order to understand AWS VPC egress filtering methods, you first need to understand that security on AWS is governed by a shared responsibility model where both vendor and subscriber have various operational responsibilities. AWS assumes responsibility for the underlying infrastructure, hardware, virtualization layer, facilities, and staff ...

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The AWS CLI runs the query only once against the entire JSON structure, producing a filtered JSON result that is then output ... The following example uses the --query parameter to find a specific item in a list and then extracts information from that item.

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From Listing and Filtering Using the CLI and API:. You can also use wildcards with the filter values. An asterisk (*) matches zero or more characters, and a question mark (?) matches exactly one character.
Oct 09, 2013 · Sometimes you may receive your WordPress export XML files broken up into chunks. When this happens, it can be cumbersome to import each file one-by-one. Instead, try throwing everything into a sub-folder and running the following shell script:
Nov 07, 2016 · Configure the CLI proxy for Ionic 4. Luckily, Ionic for (to the contrary of Ionic 3) uses now the Angular CLI under the hood for serving, generating and building your Ionic project. As such, we can pretty much in the same way pass a proxy configuration to our serve command: { "name": "my-ionic-4-app", ...
In your /etc/resolv.conf file on each node host, ensure that the DNS server that has the wildcard entry is not listed as a nameserver or that the wildcard domain is not listed in the search list. Otherwise, containers managed by OpenShift Container Platform may fail to resolve host names properly.
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Redis: Delete All Keys – Redis-CLI Tags access-control anonymity ansible apache archive artifactory aws bash boot cmd command-line curl dns docker encryption git java jenkins kubernetes linux mail mongodb mysql network nmap openssl oracle password pdf performance powershell prometheus proxy python rabbitmq raspberry pi redis ssh systemd ...
AWS recommend that you use the AWS SDKs to make programmatic API calls to IAM. However, you can also use the IAM Query API to make direct calls to the IAM web service. IAM Infrastructure Elements. Principals: An entity that can take an action on an AWS resource. Your administrative IAM user is your first principal.