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2. Why LaTeX Export? 3. More Highly-Structured Documents. 4. Exporting Other LaTeX Document Classes. 5. Passing Options to Document Classes. 6. Using Custom Classes.

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itemize和enumerate还有description 是LaTeX里列举的三种样式,分别讲一些使用技巧。itemize(意为分条目): \begin{itemize} \item[*] a \item[*] b \end{itemize} 这样出来的形式为 * a * bitem的方括号里的内容是为定制前面的符号,可以不要(连同括号),那么前面的符号就是默认的黑点,也可以换为其他的符

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LaTeX中改变字体大小 已有 20369 次阅读 2014-10-27 13:56 | ... 比如我在使用itemize时,需要改变每个条目的文字大小。 ...

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在latex里改变长度的命令是 \addtolength 和 \setlength。latex可认的是 cm, mm, in 和 pt. 变量可设为负数。一个例子是 \addtolength{\parindent}{-5mm} 一些有用的变量是: 页面设置 \columnsep: 列间距 \topmargin: 页眉到页边的距离 \topskip: 页眉与正文的距离 \textheight: 正文的高度

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Apr 09, 2014 · There are a number of predefined commands to add whitespace in LaTeX math mode. These are summarized in the list below. Example usage of medium space \: Here, we use whitespace to separate symbols from regular text. Whitespace commands are available by default. Additional packages are necessary to produce natural number symbol and \text …

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delta Puts some horizontal and vertical space between the logical pages. The argument should be two dimensions, separated by space. See Chapter2.3 and Figure1. (Default: delta=0 0). offsetDisplaces the origin of the inserted pages. The argument should be two dimensions, separated by space. In ‘oneside’ documents positive values

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If LaTeX decides to break between lines at a point in the document where an \hspace is specified, then no white space is produced. To ensure that white space is produced even at points in the document...

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TUGboat, Volume 36 (2015), No. 3 215 of list is four. If more than four lists of the same type are nested, LATEX throws the error: \Too deeply nested". \begin{enumerate} \item An ordered list item

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Line Spacing: The space between the lines of each paragraph In Word 2010, the default settings are to use no spacing Before or After, and a line spacing of Single. For basic spacing, you can use the Line Spacing button’s drop-down list on the Home tab.

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Please, refer to your LATEX or TEX manual about how penalties control page breaks. Unlike other parameters, when a list starts their values are not reset to the default, thus they. apply to the child lists.

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LaTeX Commands. A LaTeX command begins with the command name, which consists of a \ followed by either (a) a string of letters or (b) a single non-letter. Arguments contained in square brackets [] are optional while arguments contained in braces {} are required. Note: LaTeX is case sensitive.
\begin{itemize} \item Beamer is a LaTeX class for creating presentations \item Beamer is created by Till Tantau \item Standard LaTeX commands work in Beamer \item Presentations can be created using the same LaTeX source used while writing articles \item Appearance of the presentation is defined by different themes \end{itemize} \end{frame}
\begin{list}{labeling}{spacing} starts a general list environment. labeling species how items are gure ushleft ushright itemize list math minipage picture quotation. quote tabbing table tabular theorem...
In the former case LaTeX produces large interword spacing, while the latter results in the words crossing the right margin (a good practice here is to use [draft] option of the \documentclass command...
Apr 08, 2019 · using a "\latex " ("\latex" + <space or newline>) prefix View->Controls->Tool panel (previously View->Properties panel ), then Core text->Format->LaTeX By default the LaTeX interpreter is in text mode, so you need to use $...$ for (inline) formulae

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You could set the separating space inside an itemize environment. \begin{itemize} \setlength{\itemsep}{5pt} \item Item1 \item Item2 \end{itemize} Alternatively, afaik, you would need to create your own environment.
Apr 04, 2011 · LaTeX will smartly parcel your paragraphs and images across pages, trying to achieve the best fit and clarity at the same time, including slightly increasing and decreasing line spacing or shifting entire blocks of text. Still, if you must, you can use \vspace {} and \hspace {} commands to create artificial gaps in your text flow.